• Culinary Crumbs

    Kulinarske mrvice Mrvić Milice, or Culinary Crumbs by Milica Crumbs (which is sort of what my last name means in translation) is a book and a series of photographs inspired by my great grandmother's cook book and also some handwritten and collected recipes from my grandmother. The original cook book is a mixture of recipes and useful tips for a modern housewife of the beginning of the 20th century. As you can imagine, these kind of guide books were written very differently 100 years ago, and can seem quite challenging for a modern day user. The photographs were made from a perspective of a complete beginner in the kitchen, as I was not at all cooking at the time this project was made. Project Culinary Crumbs is a keeper of matrilineal inheritance lasting for almost one century, and is a reflection on my own family’s history through the female line, for almost a 100 years back in time. The final product of the project is a book - a short remake of the old cook book with a selection of recipes and advice, illustrated with the photographs presented here.